The downside of loving a pet is that we usually outlive them. The end of a long, natural, healthy life can sometimes be painful as the effects of aging or age-related illness takes its toll. Knowing when to end that suffering is a very difficult, but sometimes necessary decision to make. As entrusted caregivers, we make sure that our pets have the best quality of life, including end-of-life care. Sometimes palliative care is the most kind, compassionate thing we can do for them when medicine can no longer prevent the inevitable and pain and suffering is present or imminent.

All of our staff at Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort are pet parents, too. We understand the difficult choices that you may face in the event of catastrophic illness, injury, or advanced age. We offer kind, compassionate care to keep your pet calm and comfortable, helping them maintain the best quality of life by managing their palliative care in the last weeks or days of their life.

If euthanasia is the most loving choice you can make for your pet, your Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort veterinarian can provide peaceful euthanasia for your pet, and support for you, the pet parent, during such a difficult time. veterinarians.