Wellness Programs

Preventive care, immunizations, nutritional counseling, regular check-ups and physical therapy all work together to keep your pet healthy and to help maintain a long, healthy, active life. Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort offers a wide-range of services to help promote wellness. If you think your pet may benefit from our many wellness programs, make an appointment to speak to your Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort veterinarian about how it could benefit your pet’s overall health.

At Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort, our wellness plans are designed to help keep your pet healthy for life. The veterinary industry has made many advancements over the years and one finding that has been consistent is that preventive medicine is important part of extending your pets life. Keeping that in mind, Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort now offers wellness plans. This allows clients to make a down payment, followed by monthly payments to help keep your pets health on track. Wellness plans are also often cheaper in comparison to paying as you go. For more information on our wellness plans, call one of our friendly staff members today at 770-599-0222.