Microchip Pet Identification

Should your pet be lost or stolen, you can’t rely on tags or collars to guarantee a safe return. Tags and collars can tear, break, or otherwise fail. Technology has enabled the development of a maintenance-free, tamper-free, permanent method of identifying your pet via microchipping. Microchipping is an inexpensive, relatively painless, highly-effective, and permanent way to identify your pet and help ensure that they are returned to you should they ever be lost or stolen. The chip itself is safely encapsulated and non-toxic, so they pose no health threat to your pet.

Microchipping your pet is relatively painless. A tiny chip is inserted with a needle between the shoulder blades. Your pet may feel the same discomfort as they would a normal injection. Once injected, you will register your pet and contact information with the microchipping company. Microchips last the life of your pet and there is no maintenance. Registration does not require annual fees and does not expire.

In the event that your pet goes missing, anyone who finds them can take them to a participating veterinary clinic – free of charge to have your pet scanned. The registered chip has a unique number that can be read with a special scanner. Once identified, you will be contacted, usually by the veterinarian who scanned your pet. If you would like to protect your furry loved one, talk to your Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort veterinarian about microchipping your pet.