Sometimes it’s just not possible to bring our pets with us when we travel. You could leave them at home with caring, responsible friends, neighbors or relatives to look in on them and feed them, but they might not be able to keep a safe eye on your pet around the clock. Leaving them outside and unprotected isn’t an option. And who would be there to handle an illness or other sudden emergency?

Besides you, no one knows and understands your pet better than the staff at Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort. They will be housed in a safe, secure, loving environment where their nutritional, exercise, and medication needs can be met. No worrying about whether or not your trusted friend, neighbor or family member is unable to check on your pet on a regular basis. And in the case of a medical emergency, the Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort staff will be able to make sure your pet gets the immediate help they need.

If you are considering a trip, we invite you to make an appointment to tour our boarding facilities and discuss the boarding options and requirements.

As with all boarding facilities, your pet needs to be up to date on all vaccines and preventative treatments including rabies, bordetella, canine influenza, and heartworms. Vaccine requirements for cats include rabies and feline distemper. Please talk to a member of the Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort staff for a complete list of vaccines. If you’re unsure about your pets’ immunization history, make an appointment to speak with your Senoia Animal Hospital and Pet Resort veterinarian. Your pet should also be free of any flea or tick infestations.

Please remember your pet’s medications and any special dietary items, toys and other comfort items to help your pet feel more at home.